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Uganda FINE Coffee

Coffee, a goldmine for the globe

Coffee is Uganda’s top-earning export crop. In 1989 Uganda’s coffee production capacity exceeded its quota of 2.3 million bags, but export volumes were still diminished by economic and security problems, and large amounts of coffee beans were still being smuggled out of Uganda for sale in neighboring countries.

About Uganda Coffee & Roaster’s Guide

Arabica coffee initially goes through wet processing, which involves pulping (removal of pulp and mucilage) and washing the coffee beans. Pulping is the removal of the outer skin of the harvested red coffee berries. After pulping the mucilage around the bean is removed by use of water. The coffee beans are washed in a sisal made basket known as a washing basket.

What We Offer

The Kibale Wild Coffee Project, an initiative that involved international organizations such as the World Bank and United States Agency for International Development, aimed to implement sustainable harvest of coffee from Uganda’s natural reserves and guarantee compensation for all workers involved in the harvest. Revenue from the coffee production was intended to finance conservation management activities.

Uganda coffee

Uganda Fine Coffee

Uganda is one of the few countries in the world with indigenous coffee, with Robusta coffee growing in the low land and Arabica growing in high land areas of Mt Rwenzori, Mt Elgon and West Nile etc.

Hand Craft

Hand Craft

Hanging Wall baskets are imported from Uganda, 100% Natural Material, and completely woven by the hands of skillful Uganda artisans to ensure high product quality with Rich textures & great color combinations

What You Can Buy From Us

Coffee Bean's

Uganda Fine Coffee Green Beans/Roast. The Ground Coffee World's best flavor, Coffee Ground 100% Arabica, Uganda- Organic Coffee.

Hand Craft

100% Uganda Natural Material, and completely woven by the hands of skillful Uganda artisans to ensure high product quality.

African Sarong Wrap

African Sarong Wrap Print Coverups for Women Bathing Suit Wrap Swimsuit Skirt Beach Bikini Cover Up Swimwear Chiffon.

Print Books

We Sell Printable Books Like Guest Books, Children Books, Some Books That Published by BalaGoods.

What You Can Buy From Our Shop?

Bala goods is an online store that sells quality products. We offer arrange of products; Coffee, Handmade African baskets, African sarong wraps, Print books, and many more. The shop also handles other logistics services that enable shipping and delivery of products to the customer’s doorstep. 95% of our products come from Africa and our mission is to create a reliable source of income for all those we partner with, both the coffee farmers and the talented artisans. We aim at expanding opportunities for every individual involved in the value chain of every product sold on this platform by creating and penetrating a global market beyond subsistence use and local markets. Shop with us or contact us today. Thank you for visiting balagoods.shop

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