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Privacy Policy

Hello !! We are BALA coffee of 8811 monogram avenue, North hills California 91343 USA and welcome to our privacy policy which also applies to our Affiliate Companies. This policy sets out how we handle your personal information if you are BALA user or visitor to our Sites. It applies across BALA Elements, BALA Market, and many more.

  • When we say ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘BALA coffee’ it’s because that’s who we are and we own and run the BALA Sites.
  • If we say ‘policy’ we’re talking about this privacy policy. If we say ‘user terms’ we’re talking about the rules for using each of the online Sites. The rules vary by product and each product makes them separately available and seeks consent to them separately to this policy.

The type of personal information we collect

  • We collect certain personal information about visitors and users of our Sites.
  • The most common types of information we collect include things like: user-names, member names, email addresses, IP addresses, other contact details, survey responses, blogs, photos, payment information such as payment agent details, transactional details, tax information, support queries, forum comments (if applicable), content you direct us to make available on our Sites (such as item descriptions), your actions on our Sites (including any selections or inputs into items) and web and email analytics data. We will also collect personal information from job applications (such as, your CV, the application form itself, cover letter and interview notes).

Personal information we collect about you from others

Although we generally collect personal information directly from you, on occasion, we also collect certain categories of personal information about you from other sources. In particular:

  • Financial and/or transaction details from payment providers located in the areas of operation in order to process a transaction;
  • Third party service providers (like Google, Facebook) who are located in the US or UK, which may provide information about you when you link, connect, or login to your account with the third party provider and they send us information such as your registration and profile from that service. The information varies and is controlled by that service provider or as authorized by you via your privacy settings at that service provider; and
  • Other third party sources/and or partners whereby we receive additional information about you (to the extent permitted by applicable law), such as demographic data or fraud detection information, and combine it with information we have about you. For example, fraud warnings from service providers like identity verification service. We also receive information about you and your activities on and off the BALA coffee platform through partnerships, or about your experiences and interactions from our partner ad networks. We also receive information about you as a rights holder from our third party authors. For example, information in the form of a model release when your image is used in an item made available on our Sites.

When we disclose your personal information

We will disclose personal information to the following recipients:

  • Companies that are in the BALA group which are located in Uganda and the US;
  • If applicable, authors of any items or services made available to you, so they can facilitate support and license validation, who maybe located in any of the countries our products are available in;
  • Subcontractors and service providers who assist us in connection with the ways we use personal information (as set out above), in particular: website hosting providers which are located in Uganda , US and UK; technical and customer support services which are located in Uganda , and the US; recruitment agencies which are located in Uganda , US marketing and analytics services which are located in the US, security and fraud prevention services which are located in the US; subscription management services which are located in the US; payment processing services which are located in the US, and Uganda ; identification verification services located in our areas of operation and operational tooling services which are located in the US. Noting that our subcontractors and services providers may also transfer and access such information from other countries in which they have operations;
  • Our professional advisers (lawyers, accountants, financial advisers etc.) which are located in all our areas of operations
  • Regulators and government authorities in connection with our compliance procedures and obligations;
  • A purchaser or prospective purchaser of all or part of our assets or our business, and their professional advisers, in connection with the purchase;



Our use of your information

Privacy: We respect your privacy and process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy explains how we deal with your information.

  • Confidential Information: We value your information and take reasonable precautions to protect it. While using the BALA Market, you may also become aware of confidential information about us or another member. You promise to not disclose any confidential information made available to you through the BALA Market to any other person.

Playing fair:

  • Prohibited Conduct: We strongly recommend that you don’t make your contact details public on the BALA coffee Market or in any public communications via the BALA coffee Market sites. Contact details include your email address, street address, Skype name and phone number (but not social network handles). If you do, it must not be for any reason prohibited under the Acceptable Use Policy and you do so at your risk!
  • Content removal: We can look at or remove any of your content for any reason at our discretion. Reasons might include quality assurance, if we receive a valid copyright take-down notice or General IPR Notice, if we think that the content is unauthorized, misleading, incorrect, offensive, or in breach of anyone else’s rights, or if we think that your use of the BALA coffee Market and any content might result in liability to us or anyone else.

Late Deliveries

Most packages arrive on time. Orders sometimes show up after the estimated delivery date.

Possible reasons for late delivery include the following:

Incorrect address
Missing apartment, building, floor, or unit number
Severe weather conditions
International customs procedures
The recommended actions are:

Track your package and confirm estimated delivery date in Your Orders.
Confirm your shipping address in Your Orders. To avoid delivery problems, keep your address information up to date and add delivery instructions to Your Addresses.
Check payment processing in Your Orders.
Wait 48 hours to allow for unexpected delays.

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