Medium Dark Roast | Natural | Arabica Coffee | Very High Elevation

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Origin  Mt Elgon
Sub Origin  Mbale
Elevation  Very High
Process  Natural
Roast  Medium Dark Roast
Beans Types  Arabica Coffee

Coffea Arabica, also known as Arabic Coffee, is a species of flowering plant in the coffee and madder family Rubiaceae. It is believed to be the first species of coffee to have been cultivated and is currently the dominant cultivar, representing about 60% of global production.

Natural coffee” (also called unwashed coffee) refers to the dry process of preparing coffee beans for roasting. The dry process is the oldest method for preparing beans.

Medium-dark roast coffee beans are removed right at or after the second crack. The coffee beans are a darker brown color and have some oil on the surface. They have less acidity but more body than lighter roasts. A cup of coffee made with medium-dark roast beans is spicy with notes of caramel and chocolate.

Very-High-altitude coffees (below 1,530m, or 5,000ft), tend to taste Fruit, Spice, Floral, Berry & Wine.

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Weight150 lbs

Mt Elgon

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Very High




Medium Dark Roast

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